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Bible knowledge and application are so important that we designed the Fairmount Treasures in Heaven Program for our K – 5th graders. Preschoolers are welcome to memorize and recite the verses too! Treasures in Heaven is designed to help children store up “Treasures in Heaven” with its three components- “Hide His Word”, “Serve”, and “Give”. When we read scripture and “hide it in our hearts” (memorize it), it will help us avoid sin. Learning God’s Word is an important part of learning how to live a Christian life and growing closer to God.

Treasures In Heaven has level cards named after precious gemstones or metals. Children will start on the “Starter Card” and will move through the levels at their own pace. The leveled cards are located at the Memory Station! You can also view and print them from our website! The children will earn a lanyard and then pins for each level that they complete. As each student recites his/her Memory Work, our volunteers will enter their recitations into our Memory Station computer program and the student will receive a share. The Memory Station desk is located downstairs and is open on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:15 & 11:00-11:15.

The Share Store dates for 2023-2024 are: May 19, Jun 9, Jul 14, and Aug 11.

The store is filled with cool, fun things like candy, stickers, books, games, t-shirts, videos, beanie babies, Bible covers, markers, and lots, lots more. Kids can trade in their shares for the things in the store like buying things at a real store! 

The lanyards and pins will be presented to the children at award ceremonies during the Junior Church worship hour of their choice on the following dates:  Jun 30.


You can download the level cards below for a list of verses to begin memorizing. You can also download and print a bookmark, the Memory Work Master List and Treasures in Heaven brochure that shows the reward level for the program. 

starter coin Starter Card   pin6 Nickel Card   pin3 Bronze Card   pin13 Silver Card   pin10 Gold Card
      pin5 Amber Card   pin2 Garnet Card   pin12 Amethyst Card   pin9 Emerald Card
      pin4 Rose Card   pin Onyx Card   pin11 Ruby Card   pin8 Sapphire Card
                        pin7 Diamond Card