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9:00 & 11:15 Children's Worship Hours

 InfantsChildcare is provided in our nursery for infants under 1 year old.

    1& 2 year oldsParticipate in a worship hour called Wee Worship.  As well as playing with friends, children will sing songs and read Bible stories.

3 & 4 year oldsPartipate in Elevate Jr which is a Bible driven character theme-based worship hour for preschoolers.

Elevate Jr. Lesson Series


Come join us for our next preschool lesson series, Make Things Industries, Jr.

This series will run from April 24th-June 12th. 

The children will learn from Bible lessons where people worked hard and made things for others!

Kindergarten-5th GradersPartipate in Junior Church which is a worship hour with upbeat praise and worship with a message.

Junior Church Lesson Series


Come join us for a 6 week lesson series called "Tell Me A Story".

This series will run from April 24th-May 29th. 

Jesus was a master storyteller. Everywhere He went, He used the location, environment, and customs that were familiar to His followers in order to tell stories that conveyed amazing spiritual truths. We call these stories “parables.”

In this series, we will be studying some of the most well-known parables that Jesus told during His earthly ministry. We will not just be looking at the stories on the surface. We will be diving deeper to discover the spiritual significance of each story.