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11:15 Children's Worship Hour

Children ages 1 year old-5th grade will participate in the Children’s Worship Hour. This worship service includes worship, lesson and a game. 


Preschool Lesson Series


Come join us for our next preschool lesson series, Goodman's Global Games, Jr.

This series will run from April 25th- June 13th. 

In this series, the children will learn Bible lessons from the book of Judges about how to live the right way.


Elementary Lesson Series


Come join us for an 8 week lesson series called "I'm In Trouble".

This series will run from May 2nd- June 20th. 

Trouble is something that we will all find ourselves in. The question is - what will we do when we find ourselves in trouble?In this series, the children will learn that although life is full of trouble, we can call on our faithful God for help! He always hears us when we call out to Him, and He always answers our call!