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9:00 & 11:15 Children's Worship Hours

 Infants up to 2 year olds- Childcare is provided in our nursery for infants- 2 year olds.

   2 year oldsParticipate in a worship hour called Wee Worship.  As well as playing with friends, children will sing songs and read Bible stories.

3 & 4 year oldsParticipate in Elevate Jr which is a Bible driven character theme-based worship hour for preschoolers.

Elevate Jr. Lesson Series


Come join us for our next preschool lesson series, Kingdom Tales, Jr.

This series will run from February 25-April 14. 

Join us for Kingdom Tales where you will set out on a search for the armor of God! Each week you will join Sir Pogo the Knight and Darrin the Daring Donkey as they search for a new piece of armor and find out what that armor represents in God's Kingdom!

Kindergarten-5th GradersParticipate in Junior Church which is a worship hour with upbeat praise and worship with a message.

Junior Church Lesson Series


Come join us for an 8 week lesson series called "Game Over".

 This series will run from January 7th-February 25th.

We’ve all been in situations that seemed totally hopeless. No way out. No hope at all. It’s “GAME OVER!” Throughout the Bible, there are stories of people who were in situations that seemed hopeless. It seemed like it was “GAME OVER” for them and their situations. But God had other plans. While everyone else thought it was “GAME OVER,” God knew that nothing is impossible for Him. Instead of “GAME OVER,” with God it becomes “GAME ON!” In this series, the children will learn that no matter how impossible a situation may seem, God has the ability to turn things around. It’s not over until GOD says it’s over!