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10:15 Service

Bible School for Preschool

Children 2-4 year olds will learn about God while singing songs, using flannel boards during lessons, praying and will complete activities that stem from the weekly Bible lesson.

Kindergarten- 5th Grade

Sound Bible teaching in warm, friendly classrooms by teachers who love God and children. During our Bible School hour, kids will dive deep into the Word of God using an edited version of the Answers in Genesis curriculum. This curriculum goes from cover to cover in the Bible, teaching the importance of God’s Word in every aspect of our lives. 


                               11:15 Service

Children's Worship Hour

Children’s Worship Hour is for children that are 1-year-old-5th Grade. During this hour, children will have a lesson, play a game and participate in worship. 


Memory Station


The memory station is a place where elementary students may visit and recite memory work each Sunday. Students earn Fairmount Shares for what they recite as well as for bringing their Bibles to church. Once a month, we open a Shares Store where students can redeem their shares for various items. Click here for details on the Treasures in Heaven program!